Ministries: Serve

Among the fundamental truths of Christianity, the most important include acts of service motivated by love and performed on behalf of one’s neighbors. There are many ways to achieve these good works at our parish, as well as to serve the diocese and community.

Our parish has an extensive supervised program of competitive sports available to St. Pius X parishioners. Current youth sports teams include knothole baseball, basketball, volleyball, girls softball and cross country.

Visit the St. Pius X Athletics Association Site

Contact: Chris Dreier 831-682-2560

This group has two primary areas in which it assists and helps prepare parents for their child’s baptism. One group of volunteers educates and prepares parents through monthly organized classes in advance of the baptism event. All materials are provided.

The other group of volunteers assists the priest or deacon during the baptismal ceremony. They do this by handing out towels, candles, and baptismal garments to the parents and god parents. They also provide the necessary baptismal implements to the celebrant. At the conclusion, they help to return the baptismal supplies to their proper place.

Contact: Deacon Jim Fedor at 341-4900, ext. 213, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When there is a loss of a loved one, this committee works closely with the family and friends of the deceased in preparing and participating in the funeral liturgy. If the family so desires, members of the committee will arrange for a reception in Milligan Hall following the funeral. Volunteers are needed to help prepare desserts.

They also offer support periodically after the funeral, and provide useful information on life after death and helpful support groups.

Contact: Eileen Schroeder 859-341-5843

This is a policy making body that acts as consultants to the Pastor, Director of Religious Education, and the School Administration in the operation and evaluation of the catechetical and educational programs of the parish. Its mission is to provide an opportunity to receive an excellent quality Catholic education.

Three members are elected each year in the spring for a three year term. Any parishioner can nominate himself or herself to be a candidate for this board, which meets once a quarter.

Additional information available here.

Contact: Patrick McDermott This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

St. Pius X is blessed to have six choir and musicians groups. We are always looking for new members who would like to sing or play a musical instrument.

  • 9:30am Mass Choir, is our largest choir consisting of men and women high school age and older. They practice Monday evenings at 7:30pm
  • 5pm and 11:30am Mass Choirs, are smaller ensembles that meet before mass to practice. Men and women high school age and older make up these choirs
  • Women’s Ensemble currently consists of 8 women
  • Schola, which is composed of children from the parish grades 4 through 7. Practice time is Monday evenings from 6 – 6:50pm.
  • Youth Ensemble is for young people in 8th grade through college.

Contact: Rebecca Slater 859-341-4900 ext. 223, 859-802-9344 (mobile) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This very active ministry represents St. Pius X within the community. The committee does so by encouraging parishioners to become aware of and actively help those in need. Volunteers are always needed to help with transporting, distributing or serving at the projects.

The scriptures, both the Old and the New Testaments, challenge us to seek out injustice, the sick, the hungry, the homeless, and all those in need and to take action to alleviate these situations. Christian Outreach has been given the mission of leading our parish in its response to the scripture challenge.

Monthly contributions from parishioners using the Blue Donation Envelopes help support these projects and provide funding for various ministries.


  1. Family Promise (formerly Interfaith Hospitality Network)

    In cooperation with St. Agnes, shelter and meals are provided to homeless families.
    Contact: Laurie Wulfeck 859-250-1230
  2. Food Pantry Collections during Thanksgiving and Summer

    Food items are distributed to food shelters in Northern KY.
    Contact: Dan Meier 859-331-9323
  3. Giving Tree

    Christmas gifts are distributed to numerous non-profit agencies in NKY.
    Contacts: Lauren Dressman 859-426-8433 or Becky Maschinot 859-426-0523
  4. Hosea House/ECHO

    Dinners are prepared on the fourth Saturday of each month.
    Contact: Danette Doggett 859-344-1235
  5. Mary Rose Mission

    Provides hot meals 7 nights per week to the local needy.
    Contact: Peggy Gamble 859-331-7092
  6. Pro Life

    This ministry promotes the sanctity and legal protection of human life.
    Contact: Diane Tuemler 859-331-4841
  7. Thanksgiving and Easter Meals

    These meals are distributed to the local needy.
    Contact: Danette Doggett 859-344-1235 or Becky Maschinot 859-426-0523
  8. Zalla House

    Maintenance and yard work are provided for this Edgewood Group Home.
    Contact: Larry Kremer 859-341-0179.
Click on the links below to find out additional information about these organizations that we contribute to from funds received in the Blue Donation Envelopes:

Contact: Dan Meier 859-331-9323

This ministry is dedicated to helping clean the church interior. Any interested parishioner is invited to attend a 9am Friday morning session. The cleaning time lasts an hour or two depending upon circumstances, but volunteers are free to come and go.

Contact: Beth Rosplock 859-578-9960

St. Pius X has excellent scouting programs. These troops aim to help establish the ideals of Christianity, leadership, responsibility, and self-sufficiency while providing a fun atmosphere. New members and adult volunteers are invited to join us.

Visit the Pack 779 Site

Boy Scouts: Jeff Vaske 859-801-6278
Cub Scouts: Mike Hillebrand 859-344-6663

These women volunteers represent the St. Pius X community to other women to offer assistance and support during times of pregnancy, childbirth, adoption, or infancy crisis.

They visit them and share understanding, encouragement and faith and also provide them with meals and other resources.

Contact: Anne Marie Fitz 859-578-9466

This group of parishioners is responsible for assisting the priests and deacon to distribute the Eucharist at all Masses. Training is provided.

Among the qualifications are: Must be sixteen (16) years of age, a practicing and fully initiated Catholic (Baptized, First Communion, and Confirmed), attend a Diocesan formation program, and attend a parish formation program. Candidates are nominated by the pastor and appointed by the Bishop to a four year term that may be renewed. We are always in need of new ministers.

Contact: Julie Darpel 859-240-6366

The St. Pius X Summer Festival brings together the smell of grilled food, cold and hot beverages, relaxed laughter of friends spending time together, and thousands of smiling faces. Come, help us make happen what we all love about Summer. Our festival is staffed by hundreds of dedicated volunteers making many memories together. Click here to volunteer.

Visit the St. Pius X Festival Site

Contact: Tim White — Co-Chair 859-360-7938
Brendan Hickey — Co-Chair 859-918-5257

This committee provides guidance and oversight of all parish financial matters.

This group consists of those who enjoy the beauty of nature and are willing to work to make this happen around our church grounds. Volunteers are always needed and welcome. The hours are flexible.

Contact: Brian Zekl This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


These parishioners greet those attending each Sunday Mass. They are also responsible for carrying the gifts of the faithful to the altar during the offertory.

Contact: the captain usher prior to the beginning of Mass.


The lectors proclaim the Word of God at the Sunday liturgies. Two types of training are required, periodic Diocesan Training Sessions are offered, followed by St. Pius X guidelines given at the church. Please offer to help if you feel you are called to this ministry.

Contact: Julie Darpel 859-426-9120


They are responsible for greeting Sunday Mass attendees, seating parishioners before Mass and taking up the collection.

Contact: the captain usher prior to the beginning of Mass.

This dedicated group of parishioners provides meals to members recovering from illness or hospitalization. Meals are offered, prepared and delivered by one of many faithful volunteers.

Contact: Mary Ruberg: 859-331-9697

This service provides Holy Communion and prayers for those homebound or temporarily too ill to attend Mass. If a parishioner would like to have visits set up, please contact the minister listed below to make arrangements.

Contact: Carolyn Bitzer: 859-331-3949, 513-284-9065 (mobile)

It is an organization made up of parents striving to complement the needs of our students and teachers. Their mission is to enhance the education of our students by raising funds that are not provided for in the school budget, as well as to coordinate activities which enrich our school, such as the Opera and the Children’s Theatre.

While the PTG is led by a team of four board members, every parent is a member. Parents are highly encouraged to attend meetings, volunteer for committees, and help make decisions on how to best enhance our school. Thus, parents can be play a key role in their child’s spiritual, social, and academic development by being an active member of PTG.

Contacts: Melissa Kramer, Co-President, 513-253-9486

This ministry is responsible for community building as well as social events within our parish.

Contact: Angie Brake, 859-341-4900, ext. 201, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Pro Life Committee is dedicated to spreading the message that every life deserves to be respected from conception until the moment of natural death. They also raise funds to support local agencies whose mission is the same. Volunteers are always welcome to help or attend meetings.

Contact: Diane Tuemler, 859-380-6435, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This group plans and coordinates special events that provide educational or religious benefit for our parishioners. One of these is the annual Lenten Series, which features speakers, videos and inspirational messages to promote the ideals of the Catholic Faith during the season of Lent.

Parents and friends can get involved in a variety of ways by serving on school boards and clubs, volunteering in the cafeteria, classrooms, and library, organizing classroom celebrations with teachers, and helping in a multitude of ways. Helpers are always needed.

Contact: Andrea Beil, 859-341-4900, ext. 3, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Their major event is a monthly Sunday Donut Social after the 8am and 9:30am Masses. All are invited to have coffee, donuts and other goodies while mingling with other parishioners and friends. This group also helps provide food and refreshments for other parish events such as the Lenten Series. Join as a volunteer to get to know other members of the parish.

Contact: Angie Johnson, 859-331-2477

This committee helps our pastor plan for seasonal celebrations and liturgical events during Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter, including the decoration of the church. They also work to make our weekly Eucharistic Celebrations more meaningful. In addition, they partner with our school administrators and teachers on sacramental celebrations for our students.

Contact: Larry Broering, 859-426-7327

This ministry brings youth together to share, learn and use their gifts and talents in the service of God and others. Youth are offered an opportunity to learn more about the Catholic faith and their personal relationship with God. Leadership skills are developed through service projects, faith formation, sporting activities, studying the Word of God, social gatherings and youth initiatives. Their goal is to empower youth to have a passion for their faith, develop a deep love of family and neighbors, and understand mercy through Christ.

Contacts: Ashley Marshall, 859-512-5273