Our Campus

St. Pius X Campus

We are located at 348 Dudley Road, Edgewood, Kentucky, 41017 about .5 mile east of Turkeyfoot Road. The St. Elizabeth Hospital and Medical Center is very close by.

There are two entrances from Dudley Road to our campus. The main entrance is the one way East Entrance off Dudley which serves the school and the church and leads to the main parking lots in the front as well as the area behind the school.

The other entrance is the two way West Entrance also off Dudley which leads to a smaller front parking lot. It serves the rectory building as well as the church. This entrance also provides access to the baseball fields located in the rear of our campus property.

The Main Exit is one way with two lanes that leads out to a traffic light at Dudley Road. This exit is located between the two front parking lots.

There is a small circle drive for drop-offs at the Church Main Entrance.

This can also be used for drop-offs for the Parish Meeting Rooms, and Milligan Hall. The entrance for these is located just to the right of the church entrance, under a sign “Parish Meeting Rooms”. To reserve a meeting room, contact the Church Office at 859-341-4900, ext. 201 for availability and reservations. Or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send an email to reserve a meeting room.

Once inside, take the steps down to the lower level and turn right for access to Milligan Hall. Turn left at the bottom of the stairs for the restrooms.

Access to the Parish Office is located just to the left of the main glass doors facing the front parking lot. Press the parish office intercom button and simply introduce yourself and reason to enter and you will be admitted in.

Access to the School Office is through the main glass doors facing the front parking lot, next to the school. Press the school office intercom button and simply introduce yourself and reason to enter and you will be admitted in.

Handicap parking is clearly marked in two places. The first is located in the large front lot directly in front of the school. The second is located close to the church side entrance and is part of the second lot.

The main Gymnasium entrance is located around back of the property. Use the east entrance, and then turn right at the school building to drive around to the back parking lot. To enter the gym, walk toward the west, just beyond the back of the school, and turn left on the walkway at the panther statue.

To enter the Parish Activity Center or the PAC, follow the same directions as going to the gymnasium. But upon arriving at the back parking lot, the PAC is the large building to the right or east of the lot. The normal entrance is the set of doors on the left side of the building, near the large garage door.